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We were approached by Sheldon Snow, a videographer from California and owner of Snowshoe Media. Sheldon has made videos in his own style for blues artists such as Wily Bo Walker and Redfish Blues Band plus many more. His style of videomaking and our style and image seemed a great fit.

All filmed at Nick Scrase's house mixed with some live footage, we finally put a video alongside the amazing studio version of Voodoo Blues.

Nick Scrase talked exclusively to Colin Campbell for the Blues Matters Magazine website. having a chat about the project and talking in detail about the upcoming album recording sessions this summer..

Click the blues matters link for the full interview.

Hi guys, Nick here. Producing our own music videos has been a particularly enjoyable part of the last few months. We filmed some footage at Avon Valley Railway station when we had our photoshoot in March 2020 but honestly, I didn't have the skills to put together the kind of video I wanted to produce. I invested in some video editing software and began the time cosuming process of learning the techniques needed to pull off cool looking videos. Midnight Train the single didn't have an official video until September.

The Rambler was to be the one where it all came together. Finally we could be a band again and at the end of July we were onto the third single. Shot in the live room of Factory Studios, Bristol we had the  idea of a one shot video with the band moving positions throughout..very much inspired by the video for "Gloria" by THEM. It was such a great experience! We are so happy with the result. By this time we were filming a lot more behind the scenes stuff..

enough to make a "making of" video. Here it is.

Filmed in October 2020 at The Kingsdown Vaults, South Bristol. Malted Milk was originally written by Robert Johnson and has always been in our live sets. We wanted a much more mellow video and really love the atmosphere and vibe in this venue. All shot by ourselves and post production done by Nick Scrase. The way the harmonica and guitar fuse together in this groove is pretty awesome. A laid back casual bass and drum rhythm accompanies this great old blues standard. 

The video for Catfish took the longest to produce. We played our last gig together on 17th October and didn't meet again until March. Most of the videos took about a week to edit but honestly, I was working on this video for three months. It's probably the video I'm most proud of because of the amount of work that went into making such a visual video without being able to film any new footage.

I'm looking forward to making loads more videos in the future!


We headed over the South Wales to the home of Fat Tone Amps to see the main man David Walker to get Eduardo's new Fat Tone Box set up.

Here's a lillte demo video of how this thing sounds. It's fair to say that Ed's pretty happy!


The Terraplanes