"The Terraplanes have a raw, authentic tone carefully built into their DNA.

A heady mix of driven & laid back blues..what's not to like?"


Aside from the obvious, what an amazing year its been! We're so honoured to have been featured in the top two blues magazines in the UK. We've had a top 5 E.P in the IBBA chart and even co presented a radio show dedicated to the band. Directing and producing our own videos has been a particularly enjoyable part of this year. We've had three tracks played on the BBC upload show with Adam Crowther and full length interviews with Simon Campbell for a "Bristol Made Music" podcast and "Reckless Tram", an online mag dedicated to blues and blues harmonica.

We still have big plans for next year!..

We just have to wait to find out if our plans can involve some gigs.

"A brilliant blues band full of energy and hard hitting traditional blues vibes.
Hints of country & americana that transports you to the deep south.
"I love it!"

This is the song that kicked it all off for us. The debut single, released in May 2020 and title track of the E.P. We've only just finished the video for this song because we couldn't get back to the location to film again. We're so proud of this one and its great to finally add a video to this Elmore James inspired jump blues number.

"Such a great feeling the day we recorded this and still a buzz to hear it on the radio"

- TOM TURNER (Drums)

We are heading back to the studio!

early 2021 and we can't wait!

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