We're heading to the studio!

The band talk exclusively to the website about the forthcoming

album to be recorded this summer.

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Back in April 2020 we faced a big decision. Whether to continue with our release plan or to put on hold everything we had worked for with no clear idea of when things might change. Not only did we decide to go ahead and release the first single in May, we also sent the whole E.P out to radio stations and within days, tracks from the record started getting some serious attention and regular plays. This opened our eyes to the great organisation that is the IBBA (Independent Blues Broadcasters Association). The DJ's of the IBBA are spread out across the UK and support the UK blues scene so well with the regular shows every day and night with the best new blues releases and we were fortunate enough to be chosen as a pick of the month upon the E.P's release.

That was a year ago now and we owe so much to the plays we recieved then. It led to everything we are doing now..

"This E.P takes the music scene by the scruff of the neck and puts The Terraplanes firmly in it! You're gonna be hearing a lot more about these guys"

- NIGEL DAY, Blues Brunch NCB Radio

"What a great band! There's five songs on the E.P and they're all absolutely superb"

- ROGER DUDMAN, One Way Out BLUES at Radio

"You need to own this record!"

- PAUL WINN, Blues From The Ouse, Jorvik Radio


This is the song that kicked it all off for us. The debut single, released in May 2020 and title track of the E.P. We love this video and had a great time filming and editing the footage of this Elmore James inspired jump blues number.

"Such a great feeling the day we recorded this and still a buzz to hear it on the radio"

- TOM TURNER (Drums)

Nick Scrase - I feel Like Going Home

(Muddy Waters classic blues)