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February 2022

The Terraplanes Blues Band from Bristol, UK absolutely tears it up on their new album Stepping Stones. Produced by Richard Parsons, this twelve track album of hot, original blues features Nick Scrase front and centre on guitar and vocals. The rest of the band comprised of Eduardo Allen on harmonica, Tom Turner on drums and Andy Wood on bass.

Opening with "Highway 61" the album takes off with a driving rhythm, outlaw lyrics and humoungous servings of searing harp. It's what one wants to hear from the first track. Next up is "My Malaise" which grabs my attention with it's playful and infectious riff. This is indeed the makings of a Mississippi delta juke-joint jamboree. The "Get Along" rears it's head and bites like a rattlesnake. With the ferocity of thos classic George Thorogood songs we all love, this one is entirely a big bowl of bliss.

Title track "Stepping Stones" has a bit of a North Mississippi hypnotic groove. It's strong gravitational force pulls me right into it's lava filled core. Closing with "The Lonesome Crow", the album comes to it's end. I can't help but think of the final episode of Sons Of Anarchy when I hear this one. It's such a beautiful song.

Stepping Stones is a brilliant album and I highly recommend taking a listen to The Terraplanes Blues Band.



March 2022

Hard hitting, stomping, in your face rhythm & blues. The Terraplanes Blues Band's debut is an absolute powerful, energetic and classy release. With cool debonair frontman singer songwriter and guitarist, the vocal delivery is impressive. Eduardo Allen on harmonica is efforvescent. Tom Turner on drums and Andy Wood on bass provide the rhythm section. Twelve original songs evoking tones of Dr Feelgood, especially on "Ain't Had No Lovin" and traditional Bristol delta blues. This is not your average blues band. Highway 61 sets the trend with distinctive stomping beat and a steady pace. Proud of their heritage, they allude to this on tunes like "North Street Blues" and "Nightbus". Tempo changes throughout, with a New Orleans vibe on The Ballad Of Ragtime Texas", the story told with a real swagger then Eduardo peppers the tune with fine harmonica. Another slow tune "The Lonesome Crow" is full of dark shades and would make a great film soundtrack, simple but effective arrangement, a real grower of a track. "Stepping Stones" has a real swagger and tone to it. It expands the band's natural chemistry and feel for the blues genre. Rattlesnake Blues" has a shuffle feel, whilst "Pick Myself Up" is releaxed blues. "My Malaise" Has some intricate guitar riffs and a driving beat, high octane stuff, these tunes will fill the dancefloor, as will "Get Along". Don't Do Me Wrong slows the pace and is full of rhythm. This band is on the rise,catch them when you can. Brilliant release!



April 2022

I reviewed the E.P by this Bristol band around a year ago and was mightily impressed and their first full album's simplay a cracking release. One that draws on those great days of the British blues boom of the 60's. The musicianship is excellent, the band are tight and clearly playing live has sharpened their sound.

Formed in 2013 as a duo featuring Nick Scrase on vocals and guitar and Eduardo Allen on harmonica. By the following year they'd added the rhythm section of Tom Turner on drums and bassist Andy Wood. From there, the band have gigged and honed itself into one of Bristol's finest - brilliantly summed up in their track "North Street Blues". From the tasty delta slide courtesy of Nick on "My Malaise" to the good old-time blues of the foot tapper "Get Along", the Texas shuffle of "Ain't Had No Lovin'" or the boogie of "The Ballad Of Ragtime Texas", there's a welcome variety of styles on show. If you like the barrelhouse, the gritty delta blues that went to Chicago or the laid back style of the Mississippi delta, then there's more than enough to keep any blues fan happy. From the opening "Highway 61" to the closing, atmospheric blues of "The Lonesome Crow", this is an album that should see the band gain a whole new fanbase. A band playing real bluies and a fantastic debut of an album.

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