the terraplanes

new album

coming in 2021

Ahead of recording their first full album, the band talk exclusively to the website about the project, the inspiration behind the new music and look back on the last 12 months as the music industry comes back to life.

How are you guys reflecting on the last year?

Nick : It's certainly made me appreciate the most important things in,

health and friendship, and obviously music plays such a huge part in all those things.

The last year has probably been the toughest year ever for millions of people and for lots of them, music has been their companion.

I believe that music is so important for mental well being. It really has been for me. I threw myself into the promotion of the band and with a young family at home and a partner working at the hospital throughout the last year, I'm so proud of what we did! 

Eduardo : When I reflect on the last year I feel a lot of pride. To have been able to keep the flame alive and release the singles has really kept us all going. The friendship we have in the band is pretty special and now I realise that we achieved something amazing with our music. Our outlook as a band hasn't changed. We believed in ourselves when we made the record (Midnight Train) and a year down the line, those recordings still stand up as some classic blues songs, as we knew they would. What was unexpected was the response to the E.P which took us by surprise at first, then the reputation continued to grow and now, it's great to say that we did what we set out to do. Record an E.P that we were 100% proud of. Now we are ready to record again.

Tom : Last year was a weird one. Shocking for many, obvious reasons. For the band it's been interesting to take a step back and let the E.P do its thing.

I'm really glad we recorded it in time. It's been amazing to see how well it's been received, but the lack of playing live is getting to me now. We're a live band at heart and I'm sure I speak for us all when I say we can't wait to get back on it.

Mark : Last year was a lost year for many bands and musicians. The band did well to keep in contact. It was great to rehearse when we could, to bounce ideas off each other.

I've missed playing so much that my outlook now is to enjoy every gig. I even enjoy rehearsing, especially the new songs that Nick is bringing into the rehearsal room.

Nick : I've realised that we certainly deserve to be where we are right now. 

The way the songs have been received has given me belief in myself as a songwriter. We had some great songs that didn't make it onto the first E.P.

During lockdown I wrote a lot, was learning the piano and promoting the singles. Over the course of a few months, five or six new songs came along...still guitar based songs - I'm still only noodling around on the piano.

I recorded the songs on my phone and sent them to the guys to hear and learn. It was a good way to stay connected and share ideas.

I'm really happy that we've managed to use the time well in terms of the promotional side of things. I'd like to think we've made many new friends and contacts within the blues scene in the UK and beyond who will be totally on board when our new music is ready for reviews and radio play across the world. 

tell us about the album

Nick : This summer we're going to FOEL STUDIOS, Wales for four days. The studio has accommodation for all of us which will allow us to fully experience the whole process. The pressure is on to produce 12 tracks in 4 days but we're excited about the idea. We recorded Midnight Train in a weekend. The fact that we can spend more time in the studio this time around and stay there too is great. It gives us the chance to fully focus on what we have to do.

FOEL STUDIOS have a long list of acts that have recorded there including Paul Rogers, Klaxxons and The Stranglers. The owner Mike Bew is also the head sound engineer and he'll be producing the album.

We had such an amazing experience with Factory Studios, Bristol for our debut record and will definitely be working with them in the future, however, this concept we've had for this album just feels right for us.

Eduardo : When I was younger I always dreamed of doing an album this way. It reminds me of the way The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin would record their albums - go away to a farm somewhere, completely cut off and just lose yourself in the music. 

I feel that we are very comfortable now with what our signature sound is and we want to explore that with the new material. Many things can influence your music. The surroundings and the landscape around you can be really inspirational when you try to create something great. I feel very lucky to be a part of this!

Nick : What you can expect is real blues! That's what we're about. Music that you can feel and dance to. We made the decision some years ago not to change into a rock/blues act and stay true to real blues. It's the philosophy of the band and always will be!

Even now I'm listening to independent radio shows across the world that are playing our songs and haven't heard a band that sounds like us. That gives us the belief that we're doing the right thing.

When I was starting out, someone said to me "You play American blues but you bring an Englishness to it". I always liked that! I also enjoy mixing a bit of delta country blues and British R'n'B together. This is what makes us able to write in different styles but still sound like us.

Mark : A good mix of new songs. Raucous blues and some really mellow numbers. The arrangements we are working on in the studio are sounding pretty awesome. The live shows we have before the summer will mean we get to play these songs before a crowd a few times before we record. The crowd reaction is a big indicator of how good the songs are. No matter how many times you rehearse new songs the crowds will react to something you may not expect. What you think is the hook to a song may be different to the ears of someone else so I expect some of the new tracks to evolve in the next few months.

Tom : We've decided it feels right to get back into the studio. We want to record the album as live as possible. That was the way we recorded Midnight Train. Even the harmonica was live, only the lead vocals were overdubbed.

With three long days of recording planned, once we have the sound and setup we're happy with, we can just keep playing and work through the tracks. 

I think this is the best way for us to achieve the kind of album we want to produce. You'll still be getting the raw blues that we love, that's for sure. The new material feels great to play, there's a depth and a broader feel to the new songs which ventures slightly beyond what we've played before. And whilst it's still blues and still sounds like The Terraplanes there will be songs on the album that have a different feel to what followers of the band may be used to (in a good way).


Eduardo : I think this album will take us up another level in terms of how well we are known across the world. We know there is so much more to come from this band. Myself and Nick have been together promoting the band ourselves for nearly 8 years and it feels like we're only now getting started as a recording band. Nick really took on the job of managing this whole thing and he has done an amazing job. The band feels like a family - we're all brothers and as long as we stick together we can do anything. I really would like to become part of the festival circuit at home and abroad. The Villa De Conde Blues festival is in my home town of Porto. We were booked to play there in Feb 2021. We will be there in 2022 for sure.

Mark : I would like to tour the album if possible and make up for lost time. Playing live has always been the most enjoyable part for me. A UK tour and some gigs abroad is a very exciting prospect for the future.

Tom : The sky's the limit! We feel very strong as a band and very relevant in the current blues scene. I want to keep gigging, keep recording and see where it takes us.

Connecting with people has become so important now and its allowed us be heard across the world which is amazing. We just want to give our fans more great music to listen to and get back to putting on great shows.

Nick : It's important that when we look back a year from now we are as happy with the album as we were with the E.P. Like Eduardo said, we've come so far in a short space of time and there's plenty more to come. In the short term, playing the local live music venues that have supported us in the last five years is massively important to us. We weren't on the bill of any UK festivals before lockdown..(I was working on it). Any festivals in 2021 are honouring the bands that lost out last year...and rightly so. 

It looks more likely that we will be able to try for 2022 which would be great.

A UK tour looks more likely. It would be amazing to take these songs on the road around Britain. We have some great live shows booked already in our home city and we hope everybody is ready to come back to live music.

I'm really looking forward the next six months to see what will happen. We hope to be able to release a single in September and then the album a bit later in 2021.

Last of all, we would like to say a huge thank you to YOU!! 

All the people who have taken an interest, enjoyed one of our videos, bought a CD or downloaded Midnight Train. Everyone who plans to come and see us live or have watched the live streams...your support has kept me going through this. We do it all for the fans and if you're reading this, then that means you......THANK YOU!

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